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BML Munjal University Reviews – 8 Ted Videos

College is a time of excitement, as well as one of anxiety, doubt and confusion. Students are at the brink of adulthood, at one moment they are ready to take the world by storm, whereas the next moment is all about confusion and self doubt where the students keep asking themselves - “Will I be ever ready to face new challenges?”

BML Munjal University is committed to helping students become industry-ready with its focus on interdisciplinary and experiential learning through state-of-the-art labs, workshops, industry visits, and internships. Our state-of-the-art labs by leading business organisations such as Shell and Siemens help students learn and explore new things. If you check BML Munjal University Reviews, you will find that the college has invested heavily in facilities - from a 3D printer to a cutting-edge Robotics lab - you will find a myriad of ways to learn through hands-on experience with emerging technologies. An exciting curriculum and an always-motivating faculty inspire our students to always look for new ways to excel in their lives.

However, your sources of inspiration and learning shouldn’t be limited to your educational field and classroom. Whether you’re relaxing in your hostel room, travelling to/from college, or taking a break from your studies, you can watch these TED videos and learn new things.

8 TED Videos

1) The number of tasks to be done and areas to focus in college can overcrowd your mind, stress you out, and lower your performance. The trick is to de-clutter your mind from thoughts and experience the present moment. Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe suggests taking 10 minutes every day to practice mindfulness.

2) When looking for a job, many focus on highlighting credentials and past work experience. However, according to entrepreneur and talent expert Jason Shen, showcasing your skills is the key to making yourself attractive to potential customers.

3) It’s not just the payscale that makes one feel good about work. It’s also about challenges, ownership, identity, and meaning, as behavioural economist Dan Ariely points out in this insightful video. During your placement phase, check the job responsibilities apart from looking for a good salary package.

4) Key aspects of conducting and leading an orchestra - including careful listening, and staying connected and in tune - resonate with leadership in work. In this insightful video, conductor and leadership expert Italy Talgam talks about how business leaders can take leadership cues from orchestra conductors.

5) People who make world-changing decisions aren’t the only leaders. Leadership is also defined by your everyday actions like helping your peers. Watch how leadership educator Drew Dudley talks about celebrating the leader in you as an everyday act to inspire your actions.

6) Here’s an interesting TED video that we think students who have a flair for art must watch. In this video, illustrator, artist, and author Christoph Niemann talks about how we all know the language of pictures but aren’t consciously aware of it. The speaker also shows how artists communicate emotions with their artwork. If you are passionate about art, you can check our Strokes student’s art club. There, you’re sure to meet like-minded students and celebrate your love of art. Our student clubs are focused on encouraging students to cultivate their passion while helping them network. If you check different BML Munjal University reviews, you’ll find that how these student clubs have helped our students add more value to their educational profile.

7) Proper time management is one crucial skill to learn when in college in order to be successful in your future career. In this TED Talk by time management expert Laura Vanderkam, you get to learn the skills to find time for things that are important to you.

8) Just like the way we take care of our physical health, it’s important to care for our emotional health. In this video, psychologist Guy Winch makes an encouraging appeal to practice emotional hygiene in order to keep psychological health issues at bay and stay emotionally stable.